Kerryn Lee

I’m Kerryn, an easy going and friendly soul who enjoys life in all it’s tea-drinking glory. I’m proud to provide heartfelt, candid imagery together with a highly personalised service for my clients.
I take a limited number of weddings each year, with the intention of giving serious attention to detail. 

I love the privilege of documenting relationships while finding beautiful light to emphasize it. I love capturing all the in between moments that speak volumes. I love creating albums that tell a story and will become a powerful & tactile reminder to each couple; of their commitment and celebration of what their relationship means to them, and to future generations.

A bit of my story…

I have always been a huge fan of love and strengthening relationships. I was raised in an extremely interesting family, learning plenty of valuable lessons along the way! I finished school, studied photography and began my own business at a young age with a passion to grow not only as an individual, but in the way I see the world and the people I have the chance to connect with. During my studies, God blessed me with the love of my life – my amazing husband Carey. I have someone by my side that pushes me to grow and truly wants the best for me. And I am so blessed to be a part of so many weddings each year because it reminds me of the special love we share and the opportunities we all have to continue building amazing relationships.
If there is one thing that has truly helped my business more than anything, it is the understanding of love. It’s always an inspiration to watch a newly wed couple sharing a few special moments together during the photo time, away from all the guests. Witnessing love is one thing, but having the opportunity to put it into practice with all those who cross my path is where it all starts.